Digital Product Analyst – Internship

Nuestro cliente, inmerso en el sector crypto, está en la búsqueda de un perfil en prácticas que se quiera desarrollar laboralmente con ellos. Aprenderás sobre este apasionante mundo y a la vez colaborarás al crecimiento de la empresa dando tus opiniones y sugerencias. Te dejamos la info que manejamos de la oferta en inglés. Imprescindible poder realizar un convenio de prácticas con una universidad/escuela de negocios/institución. Por favor léelo todo.


What you will do:

You will be working closely with their marketing and product departments but also will be helping with other projects within the company. Your aim will be to track and analyse some of the areas of company’s app, like the different tiers or the marketplace, a new feature recently developed. You will have an exceptional opportunity to get a deep insight into online products as a business, as well as being a part of a team that can teach and support each other. You will learn the business from the bottom-up in order to contribute and provide valuable insight based on your analysis.

Your analysis will be essential for decision making and you will be able to view and monitor results based on your recommendations since at the companys’ data/analysis based decision making is a core value.


Main tasks:

• Exploring data to find actionable insights and make recommendations through acquisitions funnels, cohort analyses, user segmentation and more. This will be your main goal: set-up Google Analytics and all those tools that allow you to track customer behaviours as well as how this influences sales.
• Working with Product and Marketing teams to identify main opportunities for performance improvements.
• Developing metrics and methods to understand our users’ behaviour
• Monitoring on a daily basis KPI’s – and act upon them
• Data integration – working together with our tech teams on integrating data from different sources in order to create a clear picture of our product performance
• Developing reporting: do not be afraid, you will be the owner of this, so you will create your own reports from scratch.



The ideal candidate will have an interest in the digital/online products, possess good communication skills and a growth mindset. We are looking for someone who is passionate about challenging data problems, enjoy finding insights in data, and applying your conclusions to drive clear and practical business improvements. Also:

– No experience required: we want you to set in motion those knowledge acquired during your master/crash course.
– You are eager to learn about Data/Business/Product Analyst or similar in a digital- focused environment.
– You like product development data-driven. Your insights will be implemented
– You have a good understanding of digital marketing KPIs (CPA/CAC, Conversion Rate, LTV etc.).
– If we talk to you about GA, GTM, Firebase, Amplitude, Google Data Studio, you will not turn your face.
– Strong presentation skills; ability to communicate complex results throughout an organization
– Proficient in Spanish and fluent in english. Any other language will be considered, but not necessary at all (interviews will be conducted in both languages).

It will be a plus if you:
– Have knowledge of SQL, understand ETL processes, and have been working in large data sets.
– Technical experience with Google Analytics (data collection, event tracking), Google Tag Manager and Firebase. If you have used Amplitude, you can skip the queue: we want you.
– Familiarity with multi-channel marketing data collection
– Experience with visualization tools – ideally with Data Studio/Graphana.
– Strong interpersonal management skills and ability to work in indirect/remote teams, if needed


The position could be part-time or full-time, but initially full-time. This is a paid internship that will last for 3 to 6 months. From 500EUR to 1000EUR depending on part-time or full time. Working hours goes from 9h to 17.30h, however they’re flexible so you can easily organize yourself.